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Based in central New Jersey, we serve the whole NorthEast.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Old Bridge, New Jersey
How long does it take to set up the ring?
...Depending on the ease of access to the set up spot, it will take 2-3 hours. Outdoors is usually faster; indoors with long walks/hallways is slower.

Is the ring safe for kids' birthday parties?
...Yes, we've done many birthday parties and kids love the ring. Keep in mind though, this is a real ring and not a trampoline or bounce house. Parents must
supervise children at all times to ensure safety.

What will the ring look like?
...The ring will appear just as in the pictures on this site: Blue canvas, black ropes,
black side aprons, and black and red turnbuckle pads. We also offer a choice of cream/natural colored canvas, and thick antique ropes as seen in the "Fight of the Century" video on the Ring Specs Page.

Do you provide workers to set up the ring?
...Yes, we do all the work of setting up and breaking down everything. This is
included in the estimated costs on the Prices Page.

The space for my event is not ground level. Can we use the cargo elevator?
...In most cases, No. The pieces of our ring are all 18 feet long and very heavy.
In most buildings with a cargo elevator, the pieces will not fit in the elevator OR
through winding stairwells.

Do you charge by the hour?
No. You give us the details on when you need the ring set up and broken down, then we give you a flat price based on your location and the work we'll perform.

Can we set up the ring the night before the event?
Yes. You can rent the ring multiple days (or weeks), and we'll give you a flat price.