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ProRingRentals is the number one company for professional wrestling ring rentals in the NorthEast U.S. -
Based in central New Jersey, we serve the whole NorthEast.

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With Pro Ring Rentals, you're getting the most reliable and most professional service available today. No matter what your event, we strive to accommodate every detail to create the best experience for everyone involved. We handle all the work of setting up and breaking down the ring, guardrails, music system and any other equipment we rent to you.

Unlike most rings available for rent, ours is kept in excellent shape - frequently cleaned and freshly painted, and constantly checked on the strength and integrity of the steel structure and ropes. --
With most other ring rental companies, you can expect lots of scratches and rust, tattered ropes, a dirty torn canvas, and dangerous broken welds that come from lack of upkeep.

When you've got hundreds or thousands of fans anxiously awaiting your event, the last thing you need is bad news from your ring rental company. Unprofessional companies are notorious for last minute cancellations, as well as significant delays from lost or broken down drivers, and slow inexperienced ring crews. Be sure to avoid all these problems by choosing Pro Ring Rentals to handle the ring for your event!

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